Die Casting Capabilities

Casting-Machines at Alloy Die Casting

Casting Machines at Alloy Die Casting

What makes Alloy Die Casting unique is our capacity to handle large casting volumes and large casting parts.   While many aluminum casting companies top out at 650 ton capacity, our casting machines range from 135 up to 1300 Ton, allowing us to cast parts up to 300 square inches in surface area.

Casting Capacity

  • (26)  Cold chamber machines (aluminum)
    135 to 1300 ton capacity
  • (2)   Hot chamber machines (zinc)
    250 ton & 400 ton capacity
  • (3)   Miniature zinc (4-slide) machine
    High speed, (600+ pph) High precision.
    2″x 2″ and 4″x 4″ equipment available