CNC Machining

Alloy Die has a large complement of in-house CNC machining centers that conform to tight production tolerances including:

Bird's eye view of Alloy Die Casting's CNC machining centers.

Alloy Die Casting’s CNC Machining Centers

27 Vertical CNC Machining Centers

  • 4th axis
  • pallet changers
  • high-speed spindles

7   CNC Lathe Turning Centers
We tailor our machining approach for either low-volume prototypes or higher-volume production runs. Secondary machining such as tapping, milling, boring, surfacing, drilling, and threading are performed to your specifications.

Our skilled machinists, working in conjunction with our casting engineering specialists, will convert your design requirements into top-quality finished machined parts.

Skilled machinists inspecting parts at one of our CNC machining stations.

Castings machined at one of our 27 CNC machining stations.