Case Studies

casestudy_viasat01How Viasat Cut Control Indicator Costs with Aluminum Die Casting

When DoD asked ViaSat to reduce the cost of a 5-part machined assembly for military avionics, their engineers were faced with a difficult challenge: how to cut expense but still meet strict performance and aesthetic standards.

“…At first, we were concerned that die casting wouldn’t be cost-effective…but ADC showed us how it could be done so efficiently that our investment would pay off after just 600 parts. ADC provided intuitively sound advice throughout the process…”

Read how Viasat reduced costs by 60% – even in low volumes – through innovative casting design converting from machined to die cast parts.

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casestudy_anritsu01How Anritsu Cut Rf Shield Cost with Die Cast Parts

Anritsu, a global innovator of test and measurement instruments, has replaced traditionally machined RF shields with precision die cast parts.

“…Most of these components are produced by traditional machining from plate or bar stock at first… the earlier we take that step [to die casting] the more we can save over hog-out machining. We’ve seen payback in these parts in as little as three months…”

Read how Anristu is able to reduce costs for complex parts with thin walls and tight tolerances – even in their low-volume, high-mix manufacturing environment.

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